The world of Information Technology has taken on the wheels of progress to intrude into each and every sector of our lives. The field of IT is highly diverse and has an enormous role to play. It also has the ability to change the perception of users towards difficult tasks. We are no more hanging on to the slow modes of communication and traditional business dynamics. The web world which has a huge contribution to the business industry undergoes periodic renaissance to bring to surface changing technologies. These web technologies not only eases the business processes, but also helps in building support functions that empower the entrepreneurs with real time data and take vital business decisions.

If we have to list down the web solutions or the IT applications that are widely used in the business market, probably we shall have to enlist them in an exclusive blog. But just to highlight the common ones, we cannot miss on website development, web applications, mobile applications, web portals, payment gateways etc. Each one of these entities has further range of products which are developed exclusively. For e.g. website development has a variety for the client to explore; he can choose to have a simple static website or a CMS website or an ecommerce development. Depending on the need, he has an option to choose the relevant one.

Since its inception, Codebox has been adept with the changing web technologies and have demonstrated their skills with stupendous web projects. The team of Codebox is geared up to cater to the distinct needs of each client and deliver flawless solutions. Our skills are channelized to empower our clients in their pursuit of achieving business goals. Our services portfolio includes web development, mobile app development, desktop app development, enterprise web solutions and other customizes web solutions are developed using the latest technology ensuring computability with the users system.

Our hands-on expertise in Ruby on Rails (ROR) development, PHP development, Web API integration, Phone Gap, Sencha Touch and other key technology platforms is out of the tremendous work experience and the passion to keep us abreast with the new developments in the web world.

Our first blog is a miniscule attempt to introduce our readers to the web world and Codebox. Be in touch with our blog updates to explore the world of web development.

Why MVC framework for PHP development?

In the first blog we introduced you to the web world and the opportunities it offers in the online fraternity. We also introduced you to the highly popular technical platforms which are used nowadays. In this article, we get you a bit tech savvy and discuss the popular MVC (Model-View Controller) framework which is preferred by developers.

PHP development  is on the rise and more than 50% of web development is mostly preferred on PHP. This open source, freely available scripting language, ability to work flawlessly on various OS and ease in integration with several types of databases, gives a leverage to this software language over others. Moreover, the MVC framework adds up to the beauty of PHP programming and makes it easier for the developer to build robust programs using the classic features of MVC framework. However, there are dozens of MVC frameworks at your disposal which can add up to confusion. Therefore, choosing the right PHP framework can be a really daunting task at times.

MVC framework for PHP development

MVC framework for PHP development; Source: Google

Code Igniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Zend framework, yii, Symfony, Kohana are the top MVC frameworks which are sought during web development. Before we try to find the pros of each of these types of framework, it would make more sense in first understanding what exactly is the role of MVC framework during web development. This shall subsequently highlight its benefits as well.

 What is MVC?

The Model View Controller architecture primarily reduces the burden of the developers by providing a lucid and presentable coding pattern. Its segregation into different parts makes it easier for the programmer to write structured and neat code. The segmented feature helps a new developer in understanding the codes easily and also helps in tracing the bugs easily.

Model (M): This is the one who knows all about data and databases. It is responsible to represent the data in the application.

View (V): This section is in-charge of displaying the data to the user. It takes inputs from the Model to display the desired output to the user.

Controller(C): Controller acts as an interface between the View and the Model and commands the Model to perform the appropriate action as requested by the user.

In a nutshell, the View and the Model depend on the Controller and it does not work vice-versa. This allows the developer to isolate every piece of code. This facilitates the process of code maintenance and debugging. The biggest advantage is the quick Turn-Around-Time (TAT) and delivering superior quality of applications.

Link Klipper – Codebox latest innovative Extension on Google Chrome.

We appreciate our blog readers being demanding and expect interesting post from us. Today, we are in a disposition to just not serve an interesting read but introduce our readers with the latest happenings at Codebox. Time and again we have re-iterated and spoke a lot about the talent of Codebox team and the ability to think out of the box to deliver innovative products. This blog we dedicate it to our readers who would be interested in knowing about “Link Klipper” – A new original Google Chrome extension invented by Codebox.

The team at Codebox loves to experiment and introduce tools that will foster the users operations. With the new extension branded as “Link Klipper”,we have made a humble attempt to help the SEO professionals and the web users. SEO techniques require the extraction of web URL links of a website in order to execute their strategy. Imagine their plight if the website has numerous pages! Fetching the URL link would be time-consuming and plus a non-productive work.

Extract links from chrome

What does Link Klipper do?

This extension extracts the web URL links just at a single click of your mouse and downloads all the URL links of a particular page in .csv format. The user can save this data and make use of this information till the URL links are not altered by the website owner.

How to use Link Klipper Extension?

Using this extension is very simple. It does not require any additional tools or expertise to install this extension and add it to your Google chrome browser. Once this extension is installed, you will see the extension logo next to the search bar. This means your extension is ready to use.

Simply right-click the mouse on any part of the webpage and you will get the option of “Link Klipper-Extract Links”. Click on this option and all the links automatically will be downloaded in a csv format. The advantage with this plug-in is its customization which allows the user to extract links from selectable areas of a webpage.

Areas where this Plug-in Helps:

This versatile tool comes to aid in many areas such as:

  1. When one wishes to keep a database of resourceful links which can be of use in future.
  2. SEO professionals who require collecting a group of links from a web page.
  3. Store target links of useful images which would be required.


The origin of this concept to develop a plug-in which can extract web URL links was evolved at Codebox. The sole intention was to facilitate the web users with a tool that will help them extract URL links just at a single click of the mouse. It did not take much time for our experts to think of a resource to meet the need and then soon, evolved the “Link Klipper” extension tool for Google Chrome.

Our endeavor has always been focused on developing tools that fill up the need gaps and empower our clients and audience with useful resources. Stay tuned with our posts to know about our upcoming ventures.

To install Link Klipper, click here.

To know more about our new product, visit: Link Klipper