“Payback Loyalty Points Reminder” – A new addition to Google Chrome Extension Gallery

The increase in trend of online shopping has reached significant altitudes and has intensified the competition among reputed brands. By now, we all love watching the new arrivals being added to the gallery of online shopping windows. For people, exclusive the shopping manias are always in hunt of new stuff being added to the gallery of online sales. Probably, these doting online buyers have been the main reason to boost the trend of online sales. From a simple fast food item to any hi-tech gadget can now be purchased through e-commerce websites. The support of payment gateways and use of Credit cards, Debit Cards or Internet Banking further facilitates the user to make easy online shopping. The card issuers and allied associates also engage in luring the customers towards online platforms and find new avenues to keep them motivated and hooked on to the shopping delights.

One of the most common and lucrative offer which a buyer enjoys during online shopping is “Payback” loyalty program. This customer loyalty program offers loyalty benefits on purchase through reputed online platforms such as, etc. It has more than 50 brands with whom they are associated. A payback customer can earn payback points while shopping with a single card at a wide range of merchants or brands. The best part is that these reward points can be earned by online as well as offline shopping. You might wonder, what’s new in this? There are many cards or banks which offer this facility.

Certainly, it is one of a common strategy used by card providers to encourage people buy using their cards. But, let’s answer this question honestly.

“How many of us are really aware of the points that have got accumulated and its time you redeem them to avail the benefit?”

Well, here is a scenario! Most of us, do know that we are earning rewards points at the back, but fail to redeem them because it just somehow easily skips your mind.

Earn Payback Points

Well, the solution is here..Payback Points Reminder-A new plug-in on Chrome!

Codebox has launched a new Payback Chrome shopping extension branded as “Payback Loyalty Points Reminder” where the user while shopping online using the Chrome browser gets a notification of the pending earned Payback points. Sounds great, isn’t it? Codebox has been pioneer in launching this Chrome online shopping extension which reminds the user of the points to be activated for the purchase deal that they have chosen. This plug-in can easily be added to your Chrome browser and is available for Free in the extension gallery of Chrome.

Codebox, after its successful launch of extension “Link Klipper” is all set to bring in exciting and innovative products for the user. The recently launched Payback extension supports top 5 brands such,,,, and Codebox is on the move to add on value to this extension. Stay tuned to know more about the update we launch for “Payback Loyalty Points Reminder“.

To install the plugin, click here.

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Top Programming Languages of 2014

It was during our project work that I landed on an argument with my colleague on the best programming language for web development. Since both of us knew the pros and cons of each one, thanks to the loads of experience we had, it was an interesting conversation and a revisit to many remote and forgotten topics of each language. After a considerable amount of time that we spent on this topic, we decided to make this discussion viral and set the entire floor ablaze with enriching opinions and heated discussions.

Well, at that moment, there could not have been a better topic for group discussion and enjoy watching the spilling of grey matter of each one!

Well, jokes apart, but a serious thought on this topic made us actually dig into useful and enriching resources who could give unbiased rating of the most popular programming language of 2014. We decided to compile the gathered information in this blog and present it to our readers.

Although, we were aware and pretty sure that this blog was an open invitation for heated debates at work-places and we could imagine our team-mates trying to prove the credentials of the programming language of their expertise and pompously declaring it to be the most supreme.

But let’s leave that to the experts and the ratings that each one has got based on their utility. I.e the rating would differ if it is for the purpose of web development, current trends, and job career requirements or used on social media and open-source hubs.

As an experienced web development company in India, Codebox has catered to multiple and varied needs of clients. Using the latest language has always been on the radar as it offers new and beneficial features and makes the coding process much easier and faster. Probably, languages such as Ruby on Rails, PHP etc have established themselves while they were subsequently launched after the success of html and CSS style sheets. Although, each one has differences in their contribution, the demand from the client to develop at par always gives a gateway to try experimenting with the new platforms.

So coming back to the rating part and leaving behind the growing heated pulse of our team-mates, we have gathered information from authentic sources such Google, IEEE spectrum, GitHub and listed the top programming languages of 2014 in the web development section. The languages are placed in descending order of popularity.

Top Programming Languages




1.   JAVA

2.   C

3.   C++

4.   Python

5.   C#

6.   PHP

7.   Javascript

8.   Ruby

9.   R


As mentioned, this rating stands for the top chosen platform for web development. However, to a great extent, the project requirement is the best tool to identify the right programming language.

Nevertheless, stay tuned with our forthcoming blogs and we shall live up to your expectations to boosts your knowledge center with informative blogs.

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